Friday, December 08, 2006

MATLAB Code Resources

One advantage of MATLAB over commercial data mining tools is its flexibility. Given an investment in programming, MATLAB can be extended to solve subtle problems that canned commercial software simply cannot. Many people have tackled machine learning and data mining problems using MATLAB. The source code constructed to solve many of these projects is available on-line. Review of other analysts' source code can provide important insights.

Consider the following examples:

Gender Recognition Project (Diaco, DiCarlo and Santos)

Neural Network coursework code (Patterson)

MATLABArsenal (Yan)

Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab (Murphy)

MATLAB MLP Backprop Code (Brierley)

SVM and Kernel Methods Matlab Toolbox (Canu, Grandvalet, Guigue and Rakotomamonjy)

Peter's Code and Dataset page (Gehler)

Computational Learning - Project #2 (Linhart)

Block-segmentation and Classification of Grayscale Postal Images (Varshney)

Road Sign Recognition Project Based on SVM Classification (Dayan and Hait)

Mouse Gesture Recognition Project (Barnes)

A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear
Dimensionality Reduction (Tenenbaum, de Silva and Langford)

Quantum Clustering (Horn, Gottlieb and Axel)

Resources for K-Mean Clustering (Teknomo)


tota said...

these are pretty valuable topics and links
i found ur blog in the way while looking for some matlab source codes

i wonder if u can help me in this ... i'm new with matlab stuff ... i need some good video tutorials to help me starting with this ... and i was looking for a code that makes an image hashing ? any help with this issue

thank u :)

Will Dwinnell said...

Some video tutorials (and many more non-video ones) are listed in the MathWorks' MATLAB Tutorials page, which I mention in my Mar-28-2008 posting, Getting Started with MATLAB.

Could you explain what you mean by "an image hashing", in a little more detail?

Tang said...

This is the updated link for MATLABArsenal by Yan:



Anonymous said...

Hi will i went through your blog and found it very helpful.I wanted to ask you if you could help me with building a code for prognosis of batteries with the battery dependent on temperature.Hoping for a reply soon.Thanks.

SHIVA said...

i need mlp bp code using artificial neural networks

Anonymous said...

Great post.
MATLABArsenal (Yan) link is broken.

Deepanshu Malhotra said...

I want to do minor project in DATA MINING in MATLAB.
Please suggest me which project is suitable for me that can be used in MATLAB.

Anonymous said...

hey there
i am reaally glad i could find your blog
i strted doing an image processing project using matlab a couple of months ago...right now i am working on KERNEL ENTROPY CA...
But i have not been able to get its code in matlab.
i was really wondwring, if you could help me out with this.

thank you in advance....

Lobi said...

Hi, i found this project very useful for research
Road Sign Recognition Project Based on SVM Classification (Dayan and Hait)
However,I do not have the password and username to get the code. Can you help me? Thank in advance :)

Anonymous said...


I have picked up a project on data mining by ANN using BP algorithm using MATLAB. I have certain issues regarding: How to identify that what should be the correct target output?? I have sets of data.. I converted them into logic 1's and 0's. But I am not been able to find the correct target output vector. Please help me out with this.. My email id is :

Herrberk said...

It is so informative, great job ! I also have few matlab codes that can help engineers on my website. If you want check it out. Thanks.
1- Comparison of BER performances of 64-PSK and 64-QAM in AWGN channels ( MATLAB Simulation + Report + Presentation )

2-Speech Processing Project - Speech Gender Conversion by using Linear Predictive Coding (MATLAB Code+ Report + Presentation)

3-Image Processing - Pseudo Coloring Project (MATLAB Codes + Report + Presentation)

Etpl Seo said...

Nice post it is very useful for me.
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Anonymous said...

Hello every one..i a doing my mtech project on video datamining.can any one provide me the code for this which would be helpful for me

Anonymous said...

hi am amos wants to do a predictive system in school attritions can i get help on the topic