Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting Started with MATLAB

I am occasionally asked for introductory MATLAB materials. The only posts I've written here which I'd consider "introductory" are somewhat specialized:

Basic Summary Statistics in MATLAB (Apr-13-2007)
Getting Data Into MATLAB Using textread (Apr-08-2007)
Statistical Data Management in MATLAB (Mar-26-2008)

Much broader tutorials can easily be found on-line using any search engine. Searching AllTheWeb for

MATLAB introduction

... yields a number of likely prospects, including a nice clearinghouse of such information hosted by the MathWorks:

MATLAB Tutorials

A number of very well-written introductions to MATLAB have been written, especially by university professors and graduate students. Try searching things like MATLAB tutorial. As always, I suggest including PDF or PPT to improve the quality of discovered documents.

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Anonymous said...

Hi i am vinutha this is my project paper pls help me out to write code on glass data set ....
which is the material in order get clear view on matlab code to be written

Maximum Ambiguity-Based Sample Selection
in Fuzzy Decision Tree Induction

thank u:)