Saturday, March 29, 2008

50,000 Visitors and Counting

At 9:32AM local time today, this Web log received its 50,000th visitor, which I consider a significant milestone. Visitation continues to trend upward, with this month (not yet complete) already exhibiting the highest number of visitors yet. Recently, I was also made aware that this log appears very near the top of some Google search results (which is only one way to measure success). As an example, a posting here is the 2nd item returned when searching for Mahalanobis distance.

I humbly interpret these events as evidence of the helpfulness of this log to readers. I'd like to say "Teşekkürler" to Deniz, who recently reminded me of this, among so many other things.


deniz85 said...

Thank you for your kindness!
Thank you for your help!

Sandro Saitta said...

Congratulations! I think your blog answers a lot of questions for people working in data mining or with Matlab (or both of course).

I have just checked the "Mahalanobis distance" and your blog is right now number 1! An interesting tool to see the "strength" of a website is the one provided by SEOmoz. In addition to usual metrics such as the PageRank, Alexa, etc. the most interesting is certainly the user (reader) satisfaction :-)

Will Dwinnell said...

Thanks for your congratulations and the information.

There has been a recent spike in interest in this log, I think. At the time I wrote this post, there were 170 subscribers. Now, less than a week later, there are 181.

Jerome T said...

Your efforts are greatly appreciated, around the world, if I may add.