Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quick Tip Regarding rand and randn

This is just a quick note about the rand and randn functions. Many modeling algorithms include some probabilistic component, typically provided by one or both of MATLAB's pseudo-random number generators, rand and randn. To make results repeatable over multiple executions of the same code, initialize these functions before using them.

Note that there are multiple ways to do this with both of these routines. In MATLAB v7.3, rand can be initialized by 'state', 'seed' or 'twister', and randn by 'state' and 'seed'. See help rand and help randn for details.

Also note, and this is very important: rand and randn are initialized separately, meaning that initializing one has no effect on the other function. So, if one's program includes both routines, both will need to be initialized to obtain repeatability.

See the Mar-19-2008 post, Revisiting rand (MATLAB 2007a).

Also see the Mar-19-2008 post, Quasi-Random Numbers.

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