Monday, December 24, 2007

Data Mining in MATLAB 2007 End of Year Review

Although it was begun in 2006, Data Mining in MATLAB is just now completing its first full calendar year in operation. I want to thank readers who have sent words of encouragement or thanks, and those who have commented or asked questions. Sometimes I post material and wonder if anyone is reading this, so it is nice to receive a favorable response.

All in all, it has been a productive year here, with 27 posts (not counting this one). My only regret is not being more consistent in posting, but, in the interest of quality, I have studiously avoided rushing out material. (There are at least 4 half-finished posts sitting here now- if only it weren't for my darned "day job"!)

I'd like to wish an especially Merry Christmas to Dean Abbott, with whom I co-author Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, and Sandro Saitta, who writes Data Mining Research!

Merry Christmas to all!