Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finding MATLAB Source Code And Tools

Having read this log so far, you're probably pretty impressed, but thinking, "This is great stuff- really great stuff, but where else can I find MATLAB source code and tools for data mining?" There are four basic sources:

1. General Web Search Engines

Try searching for a combination of things:

"MATLAB source"
MATLAB AND "source code"

"linear discriminant"
"neural network"

Some college professors give away high-quality material (papers and code) for free! This group of key phrases will help turn them up:

"course notes"
"course readings"
"lecture notes"

Don't just use Google. I have found these search engines to be useful:

Alta Vista

2. MATLAB Central

MATLAB Central

3. Source Code Repositories

Google Code

4. Toolboxes

Commercial toolboxes are definitely the most expensive route to take, but there are free versions as well. This list is certainly not exhaustive.

The MathWorks

MATLAB Curve Fitting Toolbox
MATLAB Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox
MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox
MATLAB Statistics Toolbox


glmlab (Generalized Linear Models in MATLAB)
The Lazy Learning Toolbox
Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox
Support Vector Machine Toolbox


Anonymous said...

Hi Will:

This is great stuff! You've got a lot of fans at the MathWorks reading your blog. If we can help by providing useful search or organization features on the MATLAB Central File Exchange, send me a note at gulley@mathworks.com>.


Will Dwinnell said...

Thanks! I'm glad to learn that someone is reading this log (I was beginning to wonder if anyone was!).

Don't be shy about commenting! Say 'hi!' to Liz Callanan for me.

Anonymous said...

People doing clustering can more particularly have a look at SOM Toolbox and Fuzzy Clustering Toolbox.

damien francois said...

Nice info! I have compiled a list of machine learning software that can be used for data mining at delicious. It si not exclusively dedicated to matlab, but there's a matlab tag.

Anirban Pal said...

nice stuufs are here
i have been gr8 helped from it. thanks

Will Dwinnell said...

Thanks to all for the kind words!

Sandro Saitta said...

Thanks for the links! They are very useful. I particularly like the Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox from Franc et al. It is comprehensive and the guide is clear.

الإيمان حياة القلوب said...

Thanks v.much

AH bee said...

thanks giving for sharing

Unknown said...

good code thanks to share