Monday, December 04, 2006

A Question And An Answer

This is just short post, to let everyone know I'm still here.

The Answer First...

An interesting MATLAB solution to the relational join problem was provided in a response to my Why MATLAB for Data Mining? posting of Nov-08-2006. I had written, "The one gap with MATLAB is that it is not very good at relational joins. Look-up tables (even large ones) for tacking on a single variable are fine, but MATLAB is not built to perform SQL-style joins.". Eric Sampson of The MathWorks (serow225) couldn't let that go, and provided a solution in his comments to that post. Thanks, Eric!

...Then The Question

The Statistics Toolbox from the MathWorks provides a discriminant analysis routine, called classify. This function performs linear, Mahalanobis and quadratic discriminant analysis- all very handy modeling algorithms. The question is: Why does classify not output the discovered discriminant coefficients?

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