Friday, March 23, 2007

Two Bits of Code

Given some private requests for code, I figured that I would share two routines which I've mentioned in this log.

In the Nov-17-2006 entry, Mahalanobis Distance, I mentioned that I had implemented my own Mahalanobis distance routine in MATLAB. That routine is now available at:


In the Jan-26-2007 posting, Pixel Classification Project, one of the texture features which proved useful was the "edge detector". This routine is now available here:


DiffEdge calculates a summary of the differences in brightness levels of opposing pixels on the square (whose size is indicated by the user) surrounding the pixel of interest. This operator was described in the article "Image Processing, Part 6: Advanced Edge Detection", by Dwayne Phillips, which appeared in the Jan-1992 issue of "C/C++ Users Journal".


Cameron said...

I just found your blog for the very first time, and I love it!
Please keep it up.


Will Dwinnell said...

Thanks very much. Although posts have been slowing lately, I am still at it. In particular, I hope to move away from tutorials, in favor of example analyses.