Monday, June 04, 2007

KDnuggets 2007 Data Mining Software Poll

KDnuggets has completed its annual survey of data miners, Data Mining / Analytic Software Tools (May 2007). This survey asked participants to name the Data Mining (Analytic) tools you used in 2007. Choices included free and commercial tools, as well as "Your own code". Respondents were able to vote for as many tools as they like. Votes were cast by 534 voters for 28 distinct alternatives.

Two results should be interest to readers of this Web site:

1. MATLAB received a respectable 30 votes, which puts it in the middle of the commercial offerings pack. Despite the existence of several add-ons which could be used for data mining, MATLAB is not generally billed as a data mining product. Yet, MATLAB beat out several well-known data mining tools in this survey.

2. "Your own code" received 61 votes, which is more than half the number cast for the most popular commercial data mining tool. This clearly demonstrates that a substantial portion of data miners are choosing the "DIY" route.

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