Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poll Results (Jul-22-2007): Source Data File Formats

After a week, the Source Data File Formats poll, of Jul-22-2007, is complete. The question asked was:

What is the original format of the data you analyze?

Multiple responses were permitted. A total of 33 votes were cast, although the polling system used does not indicate the total number of voters.

In decreasing order of popularity, the results are:

9 votes (27%): MATLAB
7 votes (21%): Text (comma-delimited, tab-delimited, etc.)
7 votes (21%): Other
5 votes (15%): Relational database (Oracle, DB2, etc.)
4 votes (12%): Excel
1 vote ( 3%): Statistical software native format (SPSS, S-Plus, etc.)

I'm a little surprised that relational databases didn't appear more frequently.

No one commented, although I'd be very interested in know what the 'Other' source formats are, since they tied for second place. Anyone?


Krishna Pillai said...

Maybe people involved in audio processing using wavread() and image processing guys who are using the imread() reported Others?


Will Dwinnell said...

That's a good point. That didn't occur to me. Anyone using anything else?


Anonymous said...

hihi, so happy to see ppl doing the same thing as me. I I am doing whistle spectragram clustering...